Photoshop allows you to make your images look good and eye-catching as it is the only Image editing application that is used to manipulate and enhance your digital photographs and images. TIMTS offers highly advanced and professional training on Photoshop software. We train students to be placed in renowned organizations and MNC’s in the field of advertising, printing and publishing. Candidate during the training work on various projects and earn hands-on experience.

Students with creative thinking.
Professionals in creative field.
All aspirants to pursue professional course in designing.

Though learning adobe Photoshop has many benefits single handedly but most of the learners use it as a part of their work be it a Graphic designer, Textile designer, UI/UX designer, Visual designer, Fashion designer, DTP designer, Content developer.

With all the benefits that Photoshop comes with opens the opportunity to work in both public and private sector. Need for creative designers and great visualizers has always been a need of the market and job opportunities are increasing with each passing day.


Photoshop Certification


  • Vector and Raster Images
  • Exploring Menu bar, Tool bar, Option bar
  • Customizing Work Spaces
  • Opening and Navigating Images
  • Saving the file in different file formats


  • Selecting with Marquee Tool
  • Selecting with Lasso Tool
  • Selection with Magic Wand and other selection methods
  • Saving Selection
  • Vector-based Shapes
  • Red Eye Removal and Recolor


  • Layers Basics
  • Selecting, Grouping and Linking Layers
  • Masking Layers
  • Layer Opacity and Styles

Reshaping and Transforming The Selection

  • Move, Cop, Hide a selection
  • Adjust the selection area
  • Copy and deleting the selections
  • Free transformation of the images
  • Wrap Images


  • Edit Tab Options

Drawing and Painting

  • Drawing and Editing Shapes
  • Painting with the Brush Tool and Pencil Tool
  • Creating Patterns
  • Blending Modes
  • Gradients


  • Creating Text Type
  • Editing Text


  • Filter Basics
  • Filter Effects
  • Creating Legends

Color Management

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