First generation being released in 2012 Raspberry Pi later came up with more simpler and inexpensive model. This single board computer was developed to promote basic computer training, but eventually it landed selling for robotics market which was outside the initial target segment making it the bestselling computer of 2015-16.

With the versatile features of this development board researchers and developers have started using Raspberry Pi on a large scale. Organizations dealing in electronics are in need of engineers with hands on experience in Raspberry development board.  

Students with technical knowledge, hobbyists and engineers of all streams are eligible for this course.  Working professionals or simple graduates who aspire to pursue their profession in the field of Raspberry Pi can do this course.

Electronics Design Engineer, Embedded Application Engineer, Staff Software Engineer, IOT Trainer, Raspberry Pi Developer, Software Engineer, Application Developer, Predictive Analyst, Technical Support Executive. 

The Raspberry Pi has huge potential to the developing world as it is cheaper and affordable than most mobile phones for connecting to “next billions” to the Internet. This development board is cheaper than any another Linux-based system which are usually low cost computing project.


Raspberry Pi

Introduction To The Raspberry Pi

  • Background history
  • Overview of hardware

Linux Systems Administration Part 1

  • Linux Basics
  • File System Layout
  • Installing and Uninstalling Software

Linux Systes Administration Part 2

  • Troubleshooting
  • Network Configuration
  • Partition Management
  • Display Options
  • Boot Options

Pi Home Theatre

  • Playing Music
  • Streaming Internet

Pi Productivity and Web Software

  • Cloud-based apps
  • Image Editing
  • LAMP Stack

Introduction To Programming The Pi

  • Hello World
  • Animation and Sound
  • Simple Game
  • Lego Robotics!

Introduction To Python

  • Hello World
  • Inputs, variables and loops

The Pi Hardware Interface

  • Electronic Equipment Overview
  • Sourcing Components
  • The GPIO Port
  • Flashing an LED
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