Learning ADC & Interfacing with LCD for enhancing the Embedded C Programming Skills & Advance knowledge about register level knowledge of Microcontroller. Can do more ADC programs like temperature sensor & other analog sensors.
Eligibilty : EC/Mechnical/Electrical Engineering

Program Features :
Training by AICRA Experts.
Certificate from Ecell –IIT Delhi & AICRA.

Registration Details :
Individual participation.
Fee per participant with kit in group of 5 students (INR).


Hand gesture Robotics

SESSION I: Introduction to Robotics

  • History
  • Issac’s Laws of Robotics
  • Robotics & Embedded System
  • Latest Trends in robotics

Basic of Electronics

  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • Transistors
  • Diodes

Introduction to AVR Microcontroller

  • What is Microcontroller
  • Microcontroller Vs Microprocessor
  • Introduction to AVR
  • Architecture & Features
  • Memory segmentation
  • Types of Packages
  • PIN Diagram
  • I/O Ports

SESSION II: Introduction to Embedded C Programming

  • Difference b/w C & Embedded C
  • Introduction to AVR Studio & WinAVR
  • Introduction to Functions, Conditional Statements, Loop Statements
  • Header Files
  • How to program a microcontroller?
  • Startup with Blinking
  • Burning up AVR

Hardware Description

  • Detailed discussion of Development Board
  • Microcontroller & Peripheral Components
  • PORTS of AVR
  • Registers of AVR


  • Introduction to Sensor
  • Types Of Sensors
  • Working principle of IR Sensor
  • Circuitry of Sensor

Making Robot: Running Motors

  • DC Geared Motor
  • H-Bridge Motor Driver
  • Working of H-bridge & Concept
  • L293D Motor driver IC
  • Pin diagram of IC
  • Embedded Projects implementation & testing

Session III: LCD

  • Introduction to 16X2 LCD
  • Interfacing of LCD with the microcontroller
  • Commands & Header Files
  • Programming for LCD

Advance Level: ADC

  • What is ADC
  • How ADC of microcontroller works
  • ADC Registers
  • Sample coding

Introduction to Accelerometer

  • Introduction to Accelerometer
  • Working principle of the Accelerometer
  • Interfacing of Accelerometer with the microcontroller
  • Writing Embedded C programmed control application using Accelerometer

SESSION IV: ADC| Practical Session

  • ADC Coding
  • Printing ADC value on LCD
  • Making Hand gesture controlled robot

Projects Covered

  • Starting Up with LED Blink
  • Autonomous LED Patterns
  • Black Line Follower Robot
  • Printing & moving character on LCD
  • Printing ADC value
  • Making hand Gesture controlled Robot

Kit Content

  • AVR Development Board
  • IR Sensor Pair
  • Accelerometer (only for practical purpose)
  • LCD (only for practical purpose)
  • Connecting Wires
  • USB Programmer
  • Screw Driver
  • B.O Type Motors
  • Wheels
  • Caster Wheel
  • Chassis
  • Screw Packet
  • Software CD

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