Learning Matlab tools like: Image Processing Tool, & how to use in Automation Field.
Eligibilty : EC/Mechnical/Electrical Engineering

Program Features :
Training by AICRA Experts.
Certificate from Ecell –IIT Delhi & AICRA.

Registration Details :
Individual participation.
Fee per participant with kit in group of 5 students (INR).



SESSION I: Introduction to MATLAB

  • Introduction
  • Developing MatLab Environment
  • Arithmetic Commands
  • Matrix operations
  • Plotting

SESSION II: Image Processing

  • Introduction to Image Processing
  • Image Representation
  • Image Operations
  • Image Conversions

Image Acquisition Tool Box

  • Device info of Camera
  • Camera I d
  • Supported Format
  • Image Capture


  • Introduction to Simulink
  • Simulink Library
  • Simulink Work Space
  • Tool boxes
  • How Design and Simulate Projects


  • Introduction to GUI
  • GUI menu
  • Push Button
  • Toggle Button
  • Popup Menu
  • How to Design Gui Projects

Projects Covered

  • Face Detection using Image Processing
  • Object Counter Using Image Processing
  • Audio & Video Recording using Matlab
  • Calculator using GUI
  • Image & Video Capture using Gui
  • DESIGN & SIMUNATION of Half/Full Wave Rectifier
  • DESIGN & SIMUNATION of First Order Equation
  • DESIGN & SIMUNATION Full Bridge Inverter

Kit Content

  • Software DVD
  • Slides DVD

Requirements From College

  • Projector with Screen
  • WhiteBoard with Marker
  • Mic & Sound System
  • Laptop with Participants along with charging points

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