Javais segregated in two categories namely Core Java & Advance Java. The fundamentals of java which deals with concept of oops and its implementation is called core java. Basic package of Java which is typically used for general desktop applications come in the 'Standard Edition' of Core Java. The fundamental for any java technology without which no one can jump to advance level or towards the completion of the course is Core Java which can also be called as backbone of Java Technology.


Introduction to JAVA

  • Understanding Requirement: why JAVA
  • Java Platform
  • s/w use
  • Keyword
  • Variable
  • Data Type

Compilation & Execution of Program

Type Conversion & Type Casting

Conditional Statement & Switch

  • if else statements
  • Switch case statement


  • While loop
  • Do-while loop
  • Basic for loop
  • Enhanced for loop/for each loop

Break and Continue keyword & its types


  • Single dimensional
  • Multi dimensional
  • Jagged array

Classes & Objects


  • Non-Parameterised Constructor
  • Parameterised Constructor
  • Default Constructor

Access Specifiers

  • Public specifier
  • Private specifier
  • Protected specifier
  • Default specifier

Non Access Specifier

  • Ststic
  • Final
  • Abstruct
  • Native
  • Synchronized


  • Static polymorphism
  • Dynamic polymorphism


  • Single inheritance
  • Hierarchical inheritance
  • Multi level inheritance
  • Hybrid inheritance

Constructor chaining

Function hiding

Abstract keyword and class


Exception Handling

  • Try & Catch block
  • Throw
  • Throws
  • Finally
  • Types of Exception Handling
  • Errors

Java Packages

  • About
  • Types of Package

String Handling

  • String
  • String buffer
  • String builder
  • String tokenizer
  • Methods to string class

Wrapper Class



File Handling




Windows programming

  • AWT package
  • Applet
  • Swing package


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