Raspberry Pi is next generation smallest conputer, learn it to have access to its GPIO & controlling its environment with sensor. Programming language PYTHON & platform is Raspbian which is a completely new environment . Learn to have fun with Raspberry.
Eligibilty : EC/Mechnical/Electrical engineering

Program Features :
Training by AICRA Experts.
Certificate from Ecell –IIT Delhi & AICRA.

Registration Details :
Individual participation.
Fee per participant with kit in group of 5 students (INR).


SESSION 1: Introduction to RASPBERRY PI

  • Introduction to Open Source Hardware
  • Brief Introduction to Hardware
  • Parts & Usability

Raspberry PI: Architecture & Hardware Specifications

  • Introduction to ARM 11 microcontroller

Brief Introduction to LINUX (DEBIAN on Raspberry PI)

  • Linux Terminal Commands
  • Shell Scripting

SESSION 2: PYTHON: Programming Language

SESSION 3: Raspberry PI: Getting Started

  • Setting UP the Board
  • Booting the OS
  • Displaying on Monitor working as CPU
  • Getting familiar to GUI & Terminal Commands

Raspberry PI: Stepping UP

  • Introduction to GPIO
  • Enabling GPIO
  • Coding: Python Programming over Raspberry
  • Starting Up: Hello World!

SESSION 4: Give sensor to PI

  • Introduction ArduinoIDE Serial Monitor
  • What are sensors!
  • Interfacing PIR Sensor
  • Interfacing Ultrasonic Sensor


  • Generating PWM using Python & GPIO


  • LED Glow & Toggle
  • Generating LED Patterns
  • Bash Scripting on LINUX
  • Distance Calculator
  • Human Detection using PIR
  • Generating PWM in Raspberry PI
  • Software CD

Kit Contents

  • Raspberry Pi
  • HDMI to VGA Cable
  • USB Cable (for Power Supply)
  • LED Packet
  • BreadBoard
  • PIR Sensor
  • Battery

Requirements from College

  • Monitors with VGA Connector
  • Keyboard & Mouse with USB connector
  • Projector with Screen
  • WhiteBoard with Marker
  • Mic & Sound System

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