You can learn about 3D Desigining Drawing , modelling , Design interface and Layout.
Eligibilty : Civil Engineering

Program Features :
Training by AICRA Experts.
Certificate from Ecell –IIT Delhi & AICRA.

Registration Details :
Individual participation.
Fee per participant with kit in group of 5 students (INR).


SESSION 1: Introduction

  • Basic interface and layout study
  • Basic and extended primitives
  • Basic layout setting for Architects


  • Edit Poly Modeling
  • Extrude
  • Chamfer
  • Cut and Slices
  • Symmetry Mirror Modeling
  • Designing a table and chair
  • Designing a house using box
  • Lines and Nurbs
  • Importing a plan from AutoCAD/Vectorworks
  • Making an interior space
  • Doors and Windows
  • AEC extended
  • Railing and Trees
  • Stairs

Modifiers: Compound objects

  • Connect
  • Scatter
  • Pro Boolean
  • Loft
  • Terrain

Modifiers: Bend, Taper, Twist, Stretch, Skew

  • FFD
  • Lattice

SESSION 2: Lights

  • Omni, Spot, Direct Lights
  • Sky light and Light tracer rendering
  • Light effects


  • Free and Target camera
  • Camera Animation


  • Diffuse and Bump Mapping
  • Ink and paint
  • Environment and back ground images
  • Material library/Architectural Materials


  • Particle systems (Rain System)
  • Object Properties and motion blur

Rendering (mental Ray)

  • Rendering images
  • Rendering moving images
  • VRay Image rendering
  • Global Illumination and HDRI rendering

SESSION 4: Final project

  • Project Interior and exterior

Requirements from College

  • Projector with Screen
  • WhiteBoard with Marker
  • Mic & Sound System
  • Laptop with Participants along with charging points

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